Since Naomi’s “home-going”, I don’t listen to music from the 70’s. I find it too painful to remember the days of hanging out in the summers at our camp on Worthley Pond or staying up late in the room that we shared singing our hearts out to the popular hits from that era. In the van, the radio is set to the stations that play either the 50’s or 60’s or Christian music. So, I was a little surprised this morning when I got in the van, turned the radio on and the 70’s station was on. And the song that was playing was a favorite of Naomi’s. If you’ve never heard the song “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton then you’re missing out! 😉 Naomi used to call me and just start singing this painful song to me in her highest pitched voice!! And when she came to the ‘screaming part’ of this song, I was crying because I was laughing so hard! So today, as I was stopped at a traffic light, listening to this horrendous song, I was both laughing from remembering Naomi’s rendition and crying because I miss her so much. There are days when I ache to hear her voice again. I ache to hear her call me and tell me in her best Barney Fife voice “We’ve got a situation up here!”, I ache to hear her quote “Sense and Sensibility” or “Pride and Prejudice”. I ache to hear her when she’s had way too much coffee and she can hardly stop talking to take a breath.

So, as I was driving and wishing I could hear her voice again, I felt the Holy Spirit tap my on my shoulder and ask me “When was the last time you ‘ached’ to hear My voice?”  Ouch!!  How many days do I neglect spending time in the Word or sitting quietly waiting to hear the voice of the One who loves me more than Naomi ever could have? How many times do I fill my days with so much noise that I couldn’t hear His voice at all?  One of my dear sisters told me this week that she’s been trying to set time aside daily to just be quiet and listen for His voice.  I’ve noticed lately that I’m usually surrounded by noise; I either have music on or the tv.  I need to start taking time for quiet and meditation on what God has to say to me.

And there will be a day, when I will hear Naomi’s voice again…..and I’m hoping that she’s forgotten the lyrics to that painful song!!  🙂