Dear Naomi,

I know you probably don’t receive mail in Heaven but I thought I would take some time to write you a letter pretending that you are sitting in your mansion with the biggest mug of highly caffeinated coffee and a box of Dunkin Donuts, which in Heaven have no calories.  🙂

Three years!!  Three long years but at the same time, three very short years.  How can it be that you’ve been gone for three years…1095 days…36 months.  At times it seems like just yesterday that I called you just to chat and get a feel for how much coffee you’ve digested.  I could always tell how much coffee had been consumed by how little I could get a word in.  🙂

There are days that missing you is a physical ache.  Like the day that Sarah got married and there was a yellow rose on the alter reminding us all that you were not there.  Or the day we took Kaitlyn to college and dropped her off for the first time, I ached to call you because I knew that you’d get me laughing about how Kaitlyn was going to reek havoc in Canada.  Or the time that Kenny and his family came to Maine to visit and your absence was so noticeable.  Or when Sarah and Jonathan told us that they were expecting and I sat in Wendy’s crying because I wanted to call you so badly.  Or even just the day to day events that I pick up the phone and start to dial your number and then realize that I don’t have THAT kind of long distance….Attleboro to Heaven!!  🙂

Do you know that I can not get through the song “Holy, Holy, Holy” without becoming a mess.  I told Mark that when you passed away, I thought that that was the end of you and I ever doing anything together again.  But when I sing that wonderful hymn, I picture you in the presence of God singing your little heart out and I realize that at that moment, you and I ARE doing something together.  We are worshipping the same God at the same time….you at the throne and me in Faith Alliance Church.  So that song reminds me that we can still do things at the same time and one day, we’ll be in the presence of our Savior worshipping together….side by side!

You would be so proud of your family.  I often pray that God can give you a wee glimpse of how well the kids and Rodney are doing. Esther is such a lovely young lady and everyone is in awe of her abilities.  We know that you had a huge hand in training her to become the young woman she is now.  Vernon is ahead over everyone….both in his character and height.  lol.  He really is a head over most of us.  And he still allows Aunt Terry to hug him and tell him that she loves him.  I can feel the grimace but I do it anyways…it builds character.  Elizabeth is such a lovely young lady.  She’s quiet like me….well, she’s quiet but she’s passionate about her Celtics. Katherine is so you.  Her sense of humor and quick comebacks make us feel as though you are contained in that little body.  Mary, oh my goodness, Mary!  She is going to be an actress. Her ability to mimic people and do impersonations….between her and Katherine, there is never a dull moment.  So my little sister.  🙂

Whenever I feel as though the weight of grieve is overwhelming, the Holy Spirit comes along and taps me on the shoulder and whispers
“Do not lose hope! Do not be overwhelmed! You will see her again.”  Praise God.  What a joy and comfort to know that you’ve just gone on ahead of us, you’re waiting for us.  But there are days that I have to put you in your place.  🙂  I have to refocus that seeing you is a side benefit to going home.  Being with our Savior should be my main reason for wanting to be in Heaven.  What Jesus has done for us by providing a way to spend eternity with our God (Abba), Jesus (Savior) and the Holy Spirit (Comforter)….wow!!  I’m so unworthy but so thankful.

So, Naomi, I’ll let you get back to your coffee mug that never needs to be refilled and your Boston Crème Donut that has no calories and your crossword puzzle that you know all the answers to.  I miss you more than words could ever convey.  You are the best sister that anyone could ask for.  Oh and could you polish up on your birds.  When I get to heaven and tell you “Oh, Naomi, the other day I saw this bird at the feeder. I’m going to explain it to you and you tell me what it was.”  I don’t want you to answer “Well, let me see. It could have been an emu or a hummingbird!!”  Work on that, would you?

I love you, Naomi!!

Your blessed sister,