You may be wondering how on earth did I pick “tapmyshoulder” for my blog name.  🙂 

For the past couple of years, our family has gone through some big changes.  During these times, I often feel God tapping me on the shoulder trying to get my attention.  Sometimes He’s had to revert to using a spiritual 2×4 to get my attention!  If I am obedient and quiet, I can hear what He has to say to me after He’s tapped me on my shoulder.  But often, like when my friend John taps me on my shoulder, I look the opposite way.  How much do I miss by turning the opposite direction when God has something to show me or teach me?  Does God get frustrated that I’m not paying attention?  Is He disappointed that I’ve missed out on a lesson?  I’m grateful that he understands my lack of focus and He still loves me.  He’s such a patient God!  He has so many good things for me!  He never leaves me!  He never walks away in frustration because I’m focused on something pretty or shiny and not focused on the lesson at hand!  🙂  He understands that I’m a work in progress and that one day, when I arrive Home, I’ll be perfect! 

Lord, help me to pay attention to your tap on my shoulder, help me to be focused on you and not the things that soooo easily distract me!  Thank you for being the patient God that you are.  Thank you that you do make beauty out of the ashes.  Thank you that when I feel life is totally out of control, you are totally in control!  Thank you that you have so much to teach me and you’re willing to wait for me to learn these lessons!!