I think I may be an Israelite!  No, really, I do!  Lately, I feel as though I keep going back to visit my “pile of rocks” just like the Israelites did.  When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River, God commanded that one person from each tribe was to pick up a stone in the middle of the river.  After they crossed, they were to pile the stones to create a memorial.  When future generations saw these memorials, they would ask the meaning.  This would give the Israelites a chance to tell of the miraculous crossing and how God had saved them.  This would also show that God was, and still is in control.

So often, I take my eyes off from my Heavenly Father and I begin to look at the situation or circumstances around me. And then things go down hill quickly.  I’m finding though, by going back to visit my “pile of rocks”, I see how God was in control all the time.

A week ago, Sarah decided to drive down to Massachusetts after she left work.  Her shift was over at 11:00 pm and it’s a 4 hour ride from Mexico, Maine to Attleboro.  That would mean that she would arrive home around 3:00 am!! Well, guess who started worrying!!?? And then I felt a tap on my shoulder!!  “Terry, let’s take a walk back to your pile of rocks!!  Do you believe I’m in control of everything???  Even your children??”  Yes, Lord, I know you’re in control.  I remember other times that I’ve worried about Sarah driving and You’ve been faithful in keeping her safe.  And even if you choose to take her Home with you, You’re still in control!

Last night I dreamt of Naomi again.  Today I’ve been thinking  about her passing….and then I get upset….and then I get angry!  Uh oh, here comes that tapping on my shoulder!!  “Terry, we’re going to visit your pile of rocks again!!  Do you believe that I knit Naomi together?  Do you believe that I knew the number of hairs on that head of hers?  Do you believe that your days are numbered? (Ps. 39:4  Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.  Remind me that my days are numbered how fleeting my life is.) And then I remember that God is in control when I feel that things feel out of control.

Just like the Israelites, we face many, many situations that seem impossible.  How can I ever do _______ (fill in the blank)?  There have been many times that I’ve thought “How can our family ever be whole when someone we love so much is gone?” or “How do we go on?” or “Where is God in all of this?!”  And then we see Him working…and healing…and waiting patiently for us to see His hand in these situations.  I’m not asked to understand this, just like the Israelites weren’t asked to understand how the Jordan River split in two to allow them to cross!  I’m only asked to trust!  And to obey!

Do you have a pile of rocks?  Can you go back to visit them when you lose sight of Who is in control?  Can you tell your children/grandchildren about what your pile of rocks mean to you?  Take a moment and think back to when you saw how God did something miraculous in your life. It doesn’t have to be something huge like the crossing of the Jordan!  🙂  Sometimes it’s the little things that make me realize that God is still in control!!

Gotta run….my OCD nature wants to stack my rocks in a neater pile!!  :-/